How to Develop Productive Habits

When you are about to embark on a journey, or let’s say a task to keep it more relevant in this case, do you look at the entire project as a whole, or break it into manageable tasks? One of the main keys I have discovered in achieving my goals online was not by chance, or luck, but by simply remaining disciplined enough to see my projects through to completion. This hasn’t always been easy, but like many people who want to achieve anything there have been a couple of aspects that have allowed me to get better results. When looking on how to improve your discipline levels, following a few pointers below could steer you in the right direction.

How To Develop Productive Habits

Do you have discipline in your life? Can you refrain from doing something destructive in order to achieve the success you desire? Can you master the art of delayed gratification? How about those rainy days when you don’t want to train, but you have set yourself a weight goal, and you know you are cheating if you don’t run today? The questions here are to help you think of your pain points. Is the pain of not achieving your goals enough to drive you forward when you feel like you lack motivation? Perhaps a pain point isn’t right for you, what about how it would feel to actually achieve your goal? Is the satisfaction of knowing you were able to complete something enough to keep pushing you forward?

The point I am trying to illustrate is that you need to find that burning desire within you. Sometimes when you feel like cheating yourself out of something, then focussing on either how you would feel if you didn’t achieve your goal, or how it would feel if you did achieve it may be enough to keep you motivated. Believe it or not, maintaining your discipline is actually like working a muscle. It takes a lot of energy, and at times we will find that we are extremely motivated towards our goals, and other times we just don’t feel like getting out of bed! We are human after all, and it is important when we lose our motivation not to get too disheartened. We need to think of why we are wanting to achieve something, and as we push through our own mental stigma’s and negative self-talk we will find that our ‘discipline muscle’ will grow stronger accordingly.

To ensure you are on the right path, begin with baby steps. If your goal is to conquer Mount Everest and you are currently weighing over 300 LBS then perhaps the first step could be to develop an exercise routine. This could include weight training, dieting, running, and some solid leg work. If you look at the task as a whole then it is likely you will lose motivation quickly, and give up on your dream. When you break the dream down into reality sized mini-tasks, then not only do you gain confidence as you gain momentum, but you also feel the traction of your goal setting in. You will find it easier to maintain your momentum as you will not want to let yourself down, having created winning habits along the way.

Success isn’t achieved in one sitting. It is about developing habits that lead to successful outcomes. Find your pain, or pleasure in doing something, and go for it.

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